Following the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), an industry group was established consisting of key industry stakeholders from Government and industry. The group met regularly to share insights and information to assist in managing the impact of the virus on Fiji’s tourism industry.

As the global situation evolved and travel restrictions and health measures heightened, the group has sought an amended purpose from that of its initial operational function. That is, the need for a greater strategic and leadership role in helping shape the recovery of Fiji’s tourism industry by supporting and guiding the industry was identified.

In this regard, the Tourism Recovery Team, herein referred to as ‘TRT’ was operationalised for the Fijian tourism industry.

Each week the Tourism Recovery Team meet to discuss and plan for the market re-entry of the destination. The Team includes representatives from the following organisations:

  1. Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport (Chair)
  2. Tourism Fiji
  3. Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association
  4. Fiji Airways
  5. Society of Fiji Travel Associates
  6. Reserve Bank of Fiji
  7. Fiji Airports Limited
  8. Fiji National provident Fund
  9. Ministry of Health and Medical Services (invited on a fortnightly basis)