Market Re-Entry Model 

The team at Tourism Fiji are working alongside key stakeholders to ensure that we have a clear plan in place for market Fiji to the world, when the time is right.  Tourism Fiji has a 4 Stage recovery plan which has been shared with Industry through recent webinars.

Tourism Fiji is currently at Stage 2.  The communications objectives for this stage of market re-entry enable us to:

  • create a sense of anticipation and inspire people to start dreaming and planning a trip to Fiji when the time is right.
  • showcase the range of experiences available in Fiji as we start talking to new potential audiences, and
  • share feel-good stories full of optimisim, resilience and preparation. We start to associate ourselves with happiness.

Our message is "Our Bula Spirit awaits you". A toolkit to use to align with our messaging can be found here

Stage 2_Our Bula Spirit Awaits You

Product Status

Tourism Fiji is tracking the status of businesses across the tourism industry to determine which businesses are open and who have closed during this time. This document is updated every Friday.  For any updates to the information please contact

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