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Tourism Fiji, the Fijian Government’s tourism marketing arm, is seeking the services of an online training and technology solution to design and build an online platform that educates and engages its global network of travel agents. The platform will provide the necessary training tools for travel agents to confidently sell Fiji to their customers.

Scope of work

Tourism Fiji undertakes a range of activities in each of its global markets to increase visitor arrivals and promote Fiji as the ideal holiday destination.

The travel industry is critical to this success and Tourism Fiji places a large focus on educating travel agents. This includes travel trade events, travel agent training, familiarisation trips and through online training.

Tourism Fiji has an existing online training platform – Matai Online Training Program. While the platform was considered good for its time, the ever-evolving training needs of travel agents and the introduction of new technologies means a new online training platform will need to be designed and delivered.

Tourism Fiji require the services of an online training (Learning Management System) and/or technology solution to design and build an online platform that will (and not limited to):

  • Deliver learning modules in a dynamic and engaging way
  • Provide a template to easily load content including copy, video footage and other media
  • Ability to host a tiered structure where users will move between tiers based on completion of modules and other set criteria
  • Ability to migrate an existing database of travel agents efficiently to the proposed platform.
  • Provide in-depth user reporting that will provide insights on certain training needs and user-behaviour
  • Ability to download and send certificates to users upon completion of modules, courses and set tiers. Also, the ability for users to upload reports and files to their profile.
  • Provide a global platform to be used across multiple regions with the ability to allocate users and admin geographically.
  • Ability to translate any copy into German, Chinese and Japanese. Note: Content copy for the modules will be translated and provided by Tourism Fiji.
  • Ability to integrate/communicate with Tourism Fiji’s consumer website. Ideally, the proposed system will have API functionality to connect with other global platforms like WeChat etc.
  • Provide Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) functionality including a template so Tourism Fiji can regularly communicate with its travel agents
  • Capture Tourism Fiji’s brand features and apply to the look/feel of the training platform
  • Provide other features and functionality including an image gallery, resort listing page, newsroom area, social media plug-in etc
  • Apply best practice and latest online training approach
  • Deliver the end-to-end process of design and delivery of an online training program.
  • Use a licensed, off-the-shelf, but customisable learning management system to deliver Tourism Fiji’s global online training

Expression of interest to include (No more than 10 pages):

  • Detailed information about the company and/or agency highlighting experience in delivering these solutions.
  • Detail any experience in working with Tourism Bodies or Government agencies
  • Outline approach and roadmap in delivering the online training solution including any of the latest innovation in online training that will be utilized.
  • Proven solid track record of delivering similar projects. Provide simple case studies to illustrate challenges, approaches and results. Showcasing these over a number of projects would be beneficial.
  • Provide details on three previous clients where the proposed technology solution has been implemented. Ideally, these organisations should be similar in nature to Tourism Fiji
  • Provide a mock-up (does not need to be live) on the proposed:
    1. Registration page
    2. Landing page
    3. Module page/s
  • Provide a detailed quote covering but not limited to:
    • Planning, design, and delivery
    • All licensing
    • Installation, configuration, and integration
    • Branding to suit brand guidelines
    • All necessary upgrades for the life of the project
    • Training
    • Ongoing licensing and hosting costs and any thresholds/ limitations
  • Description of support services including hours of operation, resolution times, escalation and contact options. A copy of the SLA is also preferable.
  • If you are an agency that delivers solutions on behalf of LMS providers, please ensure your response includes a range of LMS options for Tourism Fiji to consider. Please provide reasoning as to why an LMS is recommended over the other options presented. A minimum of two options to be included in response.


Interested parties are to submit before 5pm Friday 7 August 2020 (AEST). Confidential applications containing a covering letter clearly indicating the “Development and Delivery of an Online Training Platform” with your submission are to be sent via email to: . Any questions regarding the RFP can also be sent to this email.

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