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Tourism Fiji is responsible for promoting Fiji as a visitor destination around the world through world-class destination marketing - helping consumers, travel agents, and media understand the beauty and character of Fiji.

In North America, Fiji’s key selling points include promoting the ease of getting to Fiji (10-hour overnight flight), the variety of activities available (there’s something for everyone in Fiji), and the transformational experience that travelers have while in Fiji (come as a visitor, leave as family). 

In 2019, Fiji welcomed a record of 110,237 visitors from the USA and Canada, representing an 11% increase over the previous year. The growth out of North America, particularly the USA, is strong and the US is becoming a leading market for visitor arrivals into Fiji. North American travelers to Fiji are primarily concentrated on the West Coast of the US and Canada – California, Washington, and British Colombia, however additional states such as Arizona, Florida, Texas and New York are showing an increased interest in Fiji!  
Tourism Fiji’s North America office is based in Los Angeles. The EOI will apply solely to efforts within the North American market, including USA and Canada.

Scope of Work

Tourism Fiji is seeking EOI from Media Planning/Buying Agencies to support our continuous visitor growth from the North American market to Fiji and drive on-going growth in brand and tactical campaign activity for the destination. The Agency will work directly with the in-house Regional Manager and Marketing Manager.

The Media Planning/Buying Agency’s scope of work will include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Work with our brand creative agency to coordinate effective creative assets that align with campaign objectives across the consumer’s conversion journey.   
  • Continually fine tune campaign objectives and corresponding metrics across key measurable areas of the customer path to purchase.
    • From brand response (e.g. awareness) to specific conversion actions
  • Refine our customer target market segments including geographies and media consumption habits.
  • Define the optimal consumer path to purchase, while ensuring that both Tourism Fiji and partners’ paid and owned assets are contributing in effective consumer conversion.
  • Identify effective media channels that align with delivering campaign objectives within budget.
  • Provide regularly scheduled campaign reports.
  • Monitor competitive activity, leverage opportunities and defend against threats. 
  • Drive PR and earned media opportunities through paid campaigns.
  • Assist with the communication of campaign plans to key partners and the wider Fiji tourism trade, to allow them to leverage market activity to their benefit. 
  • Share useful North American media learnings and opportunities with the Fiji tourism trade.

Applicant Criteria

The agency must have been in operation for a minimum of 5 years in planning and executing paid media campaigns, both brand (aspirational) and tactical (conversion), across all North American media channels. The agency should have experience working with destinations. The bidder should be able to provide well-qualified, dedicated account service, regular reporting, strategic planning and media booking functions for undertaking Tourism Fiji and cooperative partner campaigns.

Submitting EOI

If you believe you are the best suited agency to help us drive targeted paid media, while continually building insights and optimization through the entire path to purchase, then we invite you to submit a formal Expression of Interest by following the steps below. 

Round 1:
Please submit a concise proposal (4 pages maximum) including the information outlined below. The deadline for submission is Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020 by 5pm PST. 

Agency credentials:

  • Name of agency, full address, contact details, name of designation of the head of the organization, name of contact person
  • Profile and track record of agency
  • Profile of key members of the team including level of experience
  • Award-winning campaigns, if any
  • Fees and examples of campaign costs
  • Sampling of current and recent client list and testimonials 
  • Examples of brand and tactical campaigns

Objectives to address:

  1. Assessment of current situation: how you will assess our current situation and then build a platform that will improve our insights and the effectiveness of our paid media from inspiring potential visitors through to conversion and return visitation?
  2. Team details: your team, their relevant experience and how they would help us achieve great results for Fiji.
  3. Rates & structure: your rates and an example of how you would structure them to get us started to plan an initial campaign. 

Round 2:
Upon review of your initial proposal, you may be selected to advance to a second round which will require an in-person, visual presentation. This will take place at a mutually agreed upon time occurring during the weeks of April 6th and April 13th, 2020. 

Please note: the costs of preparing the proposals are not reimbursable, and Tourism Fiji is not required to accept any of the proposals submitted.
All questions and proposals should be directed to:

Thank you in advance for your sincere interest in Tourism Fiji.

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