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Tourism Fiji is responsible for promoting Fiji as a global travel destination through world-class marketing - helping consumers, travel agents, and media understand the beauty and character of the island nation. 

In 2019, Fiji welcomed a record of 110,237 visitors from the USA and Canada. COVID-19 aside, growth out of North America, particularly the USA, is strong and the US is becoming a leading market for visitor arrivals into Fiji. For North Americans, Fiji’s key selling points include the ease of getting to Fiji (10-hour overnight flight from West Coast), the variety of activities available (there’s something for everyone in Fiji), and the transformational experience that travelers have while in Fiji (come as a visitor, leave as family). North American travelers to Fiji are primarily concentrated on the West Coast of the US and Canada – California, Washington, and British Colombia, however additional states such as Arizona, Florida, Texas and New York are showing an increased interest in Fiji.

Following the World Health Organization’s declaration of the COVID-19 global pandemic in March, Fiji closed its borders to international visitors and remains closed at present. Fiji’s government has taken extreme caution in successfully preventing any sort of COVID-19 outbreak within the islands and, to-date, the country has had under 40 cases total. Upon reopening the borders to North American visitors in 2021, Fiji is primed to be an ideal post-pandemic destination – one that is COVID-19 safe, allows natural social distancing, has a wide variety of islands to choose from, offers mostly boutique resorts with under 50 rooms total, and is known for its wide open beaches and expansive rainforests. Fiji’s re-entry into the market will be critical for the future of the country and its tourism industry for years to come.

Scope of Work

Tourism Fiji’s North America office (based in Los Angeles, CA) is seeking Public Relations Agencies to assist on a project basis to support our efforts in continuing to increase destination awareness and travel preference through earned media opportunities. Tourism Fiji will select three preferred agencies to be on contract for a duration of three years, during which project-based support will be solicited on a case-by-case basis. The three selected agencies will be the only agencies in which Tourism Fiji utilizes for project-based support during the contract term.

For each project, Tourism Fiji will administer a request for proposal (RFP) to the three agencies and select the best fitting agency to hire. The selected agency will work with the Tourism Fiji in-house Regional Manager and PR & Marketing Manager on creating and executing a public relations campaign in the North American market (USA and Canada.) Prior to the commencement of each project, Tourism Fiji and the selected agency will come to an agreement on the campaign ideation, scope, timeline, expected deliverables, budget, and agency fee.

Projects may include some or all of the following in the scope of work:

  • Creative idea generation
  • Facilitation of brand partnerships
  • Media pitching and press release creation
  • Media Missions/Events
  • Media Famils
  • Regular campaign reports

Applicant Criteria

The agency must have a minimum of 5 years operation experience in planning and executing public relations campaigns across a diversity of media channels and North America markets. The agency should be able to provide well-qualified, dedicated service, showing strategic and creative campaign capabilities for generating earned media opportunities for Fiji.

Selection Process

If you are interested in being one of Tourism Fiji’s preferred public relations agencies on a project basis for the contract duration of three years, please follow the below steps.

Round 1: Expression of Interest (EOI)

Please submit an Expression of Interest in your preferred format inclusive of the following information:

  • Agency profile, credentials and other relevant information
  • Sampling of current and recent client list with testimonials
  • Profile of key members of anticipated team
  • Examples of successful public relations campaigns
  • Agency fees and examples of campaign costs

Round 2: Request for Proposal (RFP)

Should you be selected to participate in the second round, Tourism Fiji will administer a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the first anticipated project, which is a creative public relations campaign for Fiji’s market re-entry post COVID-19. This campaign will be launched leading up to Fiji’s borders re-opening to Americans which is estimated to be in Spring 2021, but subject to change. Each agency will prepare a one-hour visual presentation to be given virtually at a mutually selected time. Tourism Fiji will notify the selected agencies and provide further details following the first round.


Timeline of selection process:

  • Friday, November 13: Deadline for EOI submissions
  • Week of November 16: Agencies selected to participate in 2nd round; project RFP is provided
  • Weeks of December 7 & December 14: Agency presentations
  • Week of January 4: Three agencies are selected to be on contract as a preferred agency of Tourism Fiji North America.
  • Week of January 4: One of the contracted agencies is selected for the Market Re-Entry Project
  • TBD 2021: Commencement of Market Re-Entry Project ahead of Fiji’s borders re-opening to North Americans

All questions and proposals should be directed to:

Hannah Townsend,
Tourism Fiji
PR & Marketing Manager, North America 
5777 W. Century Boulevard, Suite 220, Los Angeles CA 90045  
Phone: (310) 418-0421 

*The costs of preparing the proposals are not reimbursable, and Tourism Fiji is not bound to accept any of the proposals submitted. 

Thank you in advance for your sincere interest in Tourism Fiji.

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